Why You Should Hire a Dry Bar

Are you in the midst of organising an event of some kind? Maybe youre in charge of the office socials and are planning a do that all your colleagues will love? Maybe youre thinking ahead of time and putting together arrangements for a Christmas party?

Whatever the occasion, youll need some drinks to entertain your guests. But while youve sorted the venue, you want to provide your guests with some deliciously crafted drinks. This is where we at Cocktail Bar Hire come in with our Dry Bars.

What is a dry bar?

If youre unfamiliar with this concept, dry bars are simple. You provide your drinks and we provide the bar,  with the option of an experienced bartender that will mix cocktails to your liking. 

For something a bit unique, we can build your own bespoke bar for you. Perfect if you are sticking to a budget, an option of a dry bar allows you to buy your own drinks and remain in control of the drinks tab. 

Professional Service

Our staff will set up our bars, serve drinks and provide a professional customer service. We will personalise your experience; whether you have vegan guests, want a non-alcoholic beverage or cant make up your mind. We will make cocktails with you in mind.

We provide bar counters in a variety of sizes, suited to your volume of guests. We are sure youll be impressed with our variety of designs – LED bars for a modern event, rustic bars for something more old-school, or a plain bar for a smaller budget. We will make your party spectacular!

We are flexible and are happy to discuss drinks choices with you to facilitate your needs, suggesting beverages to buy if you wish.

For more details on our great offers, get in touch with us at Cocktail Bar Hire today!

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