Tricks Bartenders Use to Get More Tips

For bartenders, the generosity of bar goers in the form of tips makes a huge difference. But how exactly do bartenders make us pay a tip? What subtle tricks do they use to leave you feeling happy, therefore leaving the spare change in your pocket?

Encouraging Us To Start a Tab

For some of us, starting a tab isn’t top of the agenda when it comes to buying drinks; it only means you will inevitably spend much more. But bartenders often use subtle cues and suggestion to make us choose that option.

At the end of ordering, you will most likely hear ‘Would you like to start a tab’, which then plants the idea in your head to do so. Another, much more subtle way which the majority of us won’t even notice is the body language. If the question is asked ‘Do you want to pay now, or open a tab?’, bartenders will slightly shake their head at the former, and nod while saying the latter. It’s clever, it’s subtle, and we will most probably part with our cash.

‘Inventing’ Cocktails

The more indecisive of us usually turn to the bartender to create something special, to which they agree to invent something just for us. They may even name it after the customer to make it extra- personal.
But it’s very, very rare that bartenders will make something up on the spot. It’s more often than not something from an old menu, or an obscure classic cocktail. We feel special, but it’s just a clever trick to enhance our bar experience, hence more tips for the bar staff!

Personalised Bill

The optional in ‘optional 10%’ is always appealing, but most bartenders will write a small message, or a simple thank you on your cheques. This trick makes us associate the friendliness of the bartender with the tip, making us want to lay down our cash.

The clever psychological move is not one we would notice, so is used in most bars and restaurants!

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