Top Ways to Dress up your Cocktails

As a modern community of bargoers, we drink with our eyes, with each drink needing to be Instagram-worthy in order to get our attention. This is why the Bartenders of the UK are under pressure to deliver great-tasting drinks that are also aesthetically-pleasing.

Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we are here to help, giving our bartending readers some tips and tricks on how to beautify their drinks.


Inventive glassware is well and truly on trend, with bars across the globe serving in much more attractive glasses than your average tumbler. Completely transforming your mixture into a real statement, an elaborate glass can be all you need to get your bar drinks enjoyed by guests.


Here in the UK, we are keen to explore various fruits from around the world, with our fruit bowls comprising of much more than simple oranges and bananas. From kiwis to pomegranates and grapefruits, garnishing your cocktails  with elaborate fruit can make for a pretty picture.


In addition to fruits, you can dress your drinks with various other botanicals. Herbs and spices are particularly popular. This is why you can often find sprigs of rosemary, thyme, mint and cinnamon sticks behind our bars; great for adding an extra dimension to drinks.

Sugared/salted rims

Adding either salt or sugar to the rim of your cocktail glasses is a superb way to dress them up a tad. To go one step further, add a touch of food colouring, ensuring your drinks are visually loud.

Want to serve good-looking cocktails at your upcoming event?

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