Themes for Autumn Events

Planning an autumn event is a tricky process, making sure you perfect the decor, food and drinks. Trying to find the ideal theme to suit you can be tough, but here at Cocktail Bar Hire we want to give you some Autumn Inspiration for your next big do!


As one of the most recognised Autumnal flavours, pumpkins can make a great theme. From wall decorations, to carved pumpkins dotted around, orange really is the new black at your event! Pumpkin treats are a perfect addition, such as pumpkin pies, brownies or cheescake. As for drinks, flavoursome cocktails are an Autumn favourite; try a Pumpkin Spiced Martini, using a pumpkin spirit or syrup for a sweet taste.


A classy birthday theme, this requires white decorations of your choice; we suggest icicles dangling around the venue. The decor will honour the colder months drawing in; using white furniture and crystal decorations your icy event will definitely be instagram-worthy! Having a dress code of white or silver is in line with the chilly theme. As for your drinks menu, any cocktail with ice will work. Otherwise, frozen cocktails make a unique addition to your party.


Going for a greener concept to your event, decorate with autumnal browns, greens and reds at your venue. Fake leaves can line the floor, and decorate tables to bring the outside in. For your drink choice we recommend anything with a bit of spice in, or opt for some old classics such as a Negroni, Manhattan, or of course, the Old Fashioned!

Cocktail Bar Hire

We love the autumn months, especially when you get a chance to let your hair down. Our cocktail bars for hire are perfect for any event. We have pride in our diversity of bars, from LED, mirror, rustic to plain bars; all of which come in a variety of sizes. We are happy to decorate our bars however you would like to suit your theme. Get in touch today to find out what we can offer you in the way of cocktail bar hire.

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