The Original Free Drinks Company Range is Released

Drinks companies are now beginning to jump on the trend of low alcohol, with more people than ever choosing a no-booze lifestyle.

A drinks company making its debut are launching a range for those who prefer a sober night, but still want to join in with the festivities.

The Original Free Drinks Company showcase a 0% ABV in their brand ‘Highball Cocktails’. Created with natural ingredients such as fresh juices and bitters, the range includes both Classic Gin and Tonic, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Ginger Dram. Additionally, they are selling Italian Spritz and Pink Gin and Tonic, which are the first alcohol-free alternatives to these bar classics.

The cocktails are a healthy alternative for both your body and bank account at just £2 a bottle. Also available in cans and on tap in some retailers, it’s easy to snap up one of these beverages which have less than half the calories in than their alcoholic doppelgängers.

Co-founder of Highball Cocktails, Kate Johnson said: ”We are passionate about providing great tasting and healthy alcohol-free alternatives that do not require a compromise, allowing consumers to have confidence in their positive alcohol-free choice.”

“Our Highball Cocktails set a new standard in 0% flavour experience and we will continue to add more classics to the range, as well as introducing original cocktails of our own.”

CEO of the British Bottle Company, Red Johnson added: “High quality, alcohol-free drinks with great brand recognition are in real demand, but still unrepresented. Highball Cocktails is the first brand to create alcohol-free alternatives to Aperol Spritz or Pink G&T, two of the most popular cocktails right now.”

“Our experience of working with brands such as Seedlip and Big Drop Brewery shows us that there is a growing global market for premium alcohol-free drinks and the UK is pioneering in this category.”

We’d love to get our hands on one of these!

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