The Most Expensive Cities to Enjoy a Pint

From Wetherspoons promising to reduce the price of beer post-Brexit to big brewers trying to dramatically cut their overheads, it appears as a nation, we are all obsessed with the price of alcohol.

If you are passionate about boozy bargains then you may be interested in a recent research projects; one that uncovered the most expensive cities to buy a pint of beer.

Published by international shipping company, Pack & Send, the project found that places in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe were the cheap beer hotspots. At the other end of the scale we have Hong Kong and Copenhagen; two places where beer prices are thought to be very high.

Below we look at the top 5 places you will fork out for a pint.

  • Copenhagen – £7
  • Reykjavik – £7
  • Oslo – £8
  • Abu Dhabi – £9
  • Doha – £11

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