Our Guide: The Order of Pouring Cocktails

Cocktail recipes are usually very simple, it states when and how to pour the ingredients for the perfect taste. Though, is there really a certain order in which each ingredient

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Lime cordial is a non-alcoholic substitute for lime juice. This is due to it being sweeter and very similar to a lime simple syrup, though there are a few additional

What is a shrub in the cocktail world?

In drinks terms, a shrub is a concentrated syrup which combines sugar, fruit, and vinegar, resulting in a sweet, acidic mixer which can be used in numerous drinks. Very often,

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You may be in the mood for a green cocktail, simple. It could be a St.Patrick’s Day Treat or an Earth Day party. Whatever the reason, there are many delicious

Top service tips for bartenders

It takes a charismatic and energetic individual to be a successful bartender, as well as a good knowledge of drinks of course. This is one of those jobs in which

Shake It Like You Mean It: How to Get Better Cocktails

The majority of cocktail recipes call for the ingredients to be shaken. This part of the cocktail making process is by far the most enjoyable, entertaining and unbelievably simple. Shaking