Should Cocktail Menus be Stating ABV?

Over the past decade, we have seen food and drink labelling progress. From laws changing to ensure ingredients such gluten and calorie content are featured clearly to traffic lights systems to tell us just how healthy our products are, as consumers we want to know as much as we can about the items we buy.

This is something that has now made its way over to the alcohol industry, with bars across the world now displaying ABV content on drinks menus. This includes cocktails; a drink category renowned for being unclear when it comes to booze content.

While once a mystery when it came to booze levels, free-pouring spirit-heavy mixtures are becoming a thing of the past. Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we are thrilled to see more bars approaching cocktails in this manner, allowing drinkers to manage their alcohol intake and stay in control.

Low-alcohol cocktails

If you run a bar or are just a fan of great tasting cocktails, it is worth exploring low-alcohol options. Below are just a few we find go down a storm at events.

  • Single gin and tonic
  • Gin and Elderflower spritzer
  • Pimms O Clock
  • Campari and soda
  • Flavoured Bellinis
  • Sangria

Cocktail bar hire

At Cocktail Bar Hire, we are a responsible bar rental brand; one that understands the need to encourage responsible drinking. If this is the type of bar hire brand you want to be involved with your event, we would be more than happy to assist. What’s more is that our bars come in all shapes, sizes and themes. These include:

  • Ice bars
  • Rustic bars
  • Wooden bars
  • LED backlit bars
  • All-black bars
  • Chesterfield bars
  • Round bars

We can also supply your bar with drinks, equipment and bar staff, making us the one stop shop for cocktail bar hire.

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