Sheffield Cocktail Menu Hits the Headlines

Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we are keen to promote great bars doing great things, with our team eager to credit the bars and establishments we have learnt from and admire. This is why today, we were thrilled to learn that popular Sheffield bar, Public, had launched its second cocktail menu.

As a much-anticipated menu, the drinks on display of course impressed, featuring some modern twists on cocktail classics as well as genius, innovative never-seen-before mixtures.

Having been featured on Spirit Business’ list of European bars to visit, the establishment has received a great deal of critical acclaim, with drinkers and mixologists flocking to Sheffield to get a taste of their cocktail creations.

‘Braver than ever’

While having already impressed with their initial menu, this second release is said to be braver than the first, testing the boundaries of cocktail-making with 20 “beautiful, elegant drinks which focus on the liquid”.

The bar’s general manager, Jack Wakelin, said:

“There hasn’t been one particularly best-selling drink, which highlights the overall strength in the menu – as well as our customers willingness to try interesting cocktails. This has given me the confidence to be even braver with the drinks this time around.”

With sustainability being at the forefront of this modern brand’s mind, there is a huge focus on reducing their carbon footprint with their latest list. From reusing ingredients to cutting out citrus in favour of infused vinegars and other acids, their new menu is somewhat commendable.

Wakelin said:

“We hope and believe that this will be an approach that other bars utilise, given how important mindfulness is to the future of the industry.”

Some of our favourites from the list include:

  • Bread and Buried. This is a gin mixture that uses ‘no waste cordial’ and orange flavours
  • Red Right Hand. The Red Right Hand incorporates rotten banana, whiskey and vermouth.
  • 159 Norfolk Street. A subtle cocktail featuring Cocchi Americano vermouth, Tio Pepe fino Sherry and rose water.

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