Melt-free cocktails

Though summer is all about your lollipops and ice-rammed cocktails, the heat we are experiencing here in the UK calls for something melt-free. With fast-melting ice famous for ruining cocktails flavours, we today share our expertise with you. Below is a selection of melt-free cocktails, ones that will retain their flavour, no matter what the heat!

Alcoholic tea

Stay with us! We know this is a hot drink, but did you know that hot drinks actually cool us down? That’s right! If you are looking for an alcoholic drink that will combat the heat, we recommend going hot. Below is the recipe for a hot alcoholic cocktail: the Alcohol Tea. Being quintessentially British, this refreshing take on the traditional cuppa will be sure to impress. To create the cocktail, all you need to do is combine the following:

  • A cup of black earl grey tea
  • A large shot of gin
  • A squeeze of lemon
  • Mint

Dry ice

‘What is dry ice?’ I hear you ask. Well, dry ice is a cocktail phenomenon that many bartenders and famous mixologists are using. It’s basically carbon dioxide (CO2). It gets its name because it does not melt into a liquid when heated, making it the perfect way to cool down drinks without compromising on flavour.

Drinks jellies

If you have ever been to Ibiza, you will be aware of the Spanish obsession with drinks jellies. Renowned for getting the party started, Vodka jellies are boozy, cool and offer something different than your conventional cocktail. Being chilled for hours, jelly tends to retain its coolness a lot better than an ice-filled cocktails. Plus, it can’t melt!

Below are a few variations we believe to work well:

  • Gin and lemon
  • Prosecco and raspberry
  • Pimms and lemonade
  • Vodka and orange

Cocktail bar hire

If you are planning a party of an event this summer and want to impress, have you considered cocktail bar rental? Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we’ve been offering such services for over 20 years, bringing events to life through great bars. So, whether you are a business in need of a new bar for your restaurant or fancy hiring a bar for your garden, we’d love to hear from you.

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