Lime Cocktails for the Summertime

Cramming in our 5 a day can be a bit of a chore. But, indulging in fruit in boozy cocktail form is a pleasure rather than a chore. Funny that?

Today, we take a look at the humble lime; a citrus fruit that is sharp, refreshing and makes for a rather scrumptious cocktail base. So, if you are on the lookout for lime-enthused cocktail recipes; read on!


Is there anything more refreshing than a minty mojito on a summer’s day? We think not! This is why the humble Mojito has topped our list of mixtures, created from lime, mint and the all-important rum!

Lime Martini

If you are on the search for a limey concoction then why not reinvent a classic? This recipe is a twist on the Martini. Simply muddle a whole load of lime into a conventional Martini mixture and wala; there you have it.

Vodka, lime and soda

Though a bit of an obvious, done-before drink, you just can’t beat a vodka, lime and soda. Being unparalleled when it comes to its refreshing nature and under 200 calories for a whole serving, what more could you ask for?

Cocktail bar hire

If you are a fan of mixing delicious cocktails for friends and family or have a big party coming up, have you considered hiring a cocktail bar? This is a service we offer across the UK, giving our customers a long list of options to pick and choose from. These include mirrored bars, tiki bars, all-black bars and so much more.

For details and a free quote, get in touch now!

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