Expect to See More ‘Fizz Cocktail Tablets’ at Bars

From large cocktail chains to small, independent establishments, just about every watering hole in the world is experimenting with cocktail presentation this year. However, one product that is said to aid mixology and creativity is fizz tablet; a tablet that brings drama and pizzazz to even the humblest of mixes. 

However, these ‘fizz tablets’ have come under fire by some critics, with the Guardian saying that they create the ‘vibe of a men’s urinals’. Claiming that adding such an ingredient to a drink to be ‘vandalism’, an online debate has well and truly begun.  

The guardian review wrote:  

“The tablets come in three flavours – elderflower, rhubarb and tropical passion fruit. I sampled the latter, and it tasted … how can we put this? … less than great. Bitter, artificial and with the undeniable “vibe” of a men’s urinals, the majority of the glass went down the sink. Judging by the taste of it, it might just have helped with unblocking it, too. To do this to a glass of even the cheapest fizz is an act of liquid vandalism, heaven forbid anyone who considers dropping one into a glass of Pol Roger Brut Réserve.

Seeing bartenders across the world come together in debate, this is a subject that splitting opinion across the community of mixers.  

While one Bartender from London wrote that the tablets ‘allow me experiment’, another wrote that these tablets ‘devalue the art of mixology’.  

Let us know what you think. Would you use such a product at your bar?  

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