Culture cocktails: Drinks inspired by Britain

Us Brits are a patriotic bunch, renowned for celebrating our roots and culture at any given opportunity. This is why we are seeing more bars showcasing British drinks. While for many years we have adopted drinking trends from across the globe, in recent months, London bars in particular have delved deeper into British-grown ingredients and inspirations. Arguably fed by recent royal weddings and sporting tournaments held in the UK, it appears the British way is the only way to drink.

Scotch Whiskey: The Rolls Royce of British spirits

Renowned for its punchy qualities, Scotch Whiskey is a type of whiskey created in Scotland (hence the name). Employing tones of Apple, Vanilla, Oak, Malt, Nutmeg and Dried Fruit, drinking a glass of Scotch is a patriotic move in itself. However, we at Cocktail Bar Hire have found that Scotch Whisky cocktails are all the rage. However, the below recipe is certainly our favourite; the Scotch Tom Collins.

Offering a refreshing take on traditional gin mixtures, the Scotch version replaces the spirit for a good old-fashioned dash of whiskey. Added to refresh lemon juice and soda water, the drink is pure, flavoursome and packs a real punch.

London Dry cocktails

In 2017, we saw the number of UK gin distilleries more than double, with craft gins being much more in demand than your household brands such as Gordons. Catering to changes in consumer needs, the gin market is now diverse to say the least. Seeing drinkers crave a unique gin experience with each order, below are a few London Dry cocktails that could give you a bit of Ginspiration:

  • Gin with grapefruit juice rand a sprog of thyme
  • Elderflower, prosecco and gin
  • Tonic, gin, cucumber and mint

Fancy a Pimms Darling?

When talking about British drinks, we simply cannot look past the Pimms; an iconic spirit that has become synonymous with British culture. Made famous by Wimbledon, the drink is sharp, refreshing and best served with fruit! But, there are many other ways to drink Pimms than the conventional Gin O’clock recipe. Below are just a few ideas:

  • Prosecco and Pimms
  • Pimms Bourbon and a squeeze of lime
  • Pimms, Rum and ginger ale

British bar hire

If you are thinking of hiring a bar for an upcoming event then why not run with the British theme? For more information, ideas or to request a quote for mobile bars, contact us today.

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