Cointreau Cocktails for Summer

Cointreau is an orange- based spirit that has been around for many years, going in and out of fashion all of the time. However, summer 2019 is all about these flavoursome spirits, with Bartenders all over the country experimenting with this gorgeous drink.

This is why below we have shared just a few of our favourite ways to serve the liqueur. So, if you have a bottle at your bar and don’t know what to do with it; read on!

Cointreau spritz

Now, we have all tasted the famous Aperol Spritz, with just about everyone on Instagram sharing pictures on their newsfeed every time they order one. The Cointreau Spritz is a refreshing take on the popular cocktail. Using the spirit with a squeeze of lemon and topped up with soda water, this cocktail is simple yet effective.

Skittle Bomb

The Skittle Bomb is basically an alternative to the popular shot, the Jäger Bomb. Pouring Cointreau in a shot then dropping it into an inch of Red Bull, this is a rather sweet yet moorish drink that British drinkers have grown to love.

The Sidecar

This is a vintage cocktail that combines = brandy, Cointreau and a healthy amount of lemon juice. Being rather sharp, we would only recommend having a couple. To enjoy, serve as cold as humanly possible.

Cointreau fizz

Fancy spicing up your Prosecco? If so, do what many of the trendy bars in London are and add a splash of Cointreau into your flute. You won’t regret it.

Cocktail bar hire

Want to mix up these delicious drinks in your very own cocktail bar? If so, explore our incredible range of cocktail bars available to rent. Coming in all shapes and sizes, we have a cocktail bar for every budget and occasion.

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