Cocktails: Top Things to Know About Vodka

Did you know that vodka is the most distilled spirit that’s found in cocktails? Though it’s an essential drink to every single bar across the world. It’s popularity mainly comes from the general characteristics that it has no discernible or distinct flavour or smell. It is due to this that vodka allows the other ingredients in the cocktail to become the main focal point.

There’s thousands of vodka cocktails to explore. Some of these include:

-Vodka Tonic

These cocktails should be on every cocktail menu.

The cocktail market is in constant expansion, and so there are numerous brands and percentages to choose from. There’s also many small distilleries that create cute and interesting batches of boutique vodka’s. To do so they are constantly testing and experimenting with ingredients and methods.

It is due to the above that we’re certain that all vodka isn’t created equal. You are sure to find outstanding bottles just by doing a little experimenting, whether it be at home or at a bar. Unlike some spirits, vodka is a vast and varied category of alcohol. There’s no set regulations which govern its production.

How does vodka taste?

Two brands which represent the two prominent styles are Absolut and Stolichnaya. Absolut has an oily, silky sweet texture, while Stolichnaya is clean and watery with a medicinal finish.

Today’s vodka market goes a long way, and it goes far beyond its older characteristics. It’s due to this that pinpointing all vodka’s into a few smaller categories is difficult. It’s like the difference in taste between tap water and bottled water. If you pay attention to it, you can tell when you drink unfiltered water.

Meanwhile, the flavoured vodka scene has exploded in recent years. This includes favourites such as citrus and berry, along with chocolate and pomegranate.

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