Cocktail-making Fails

Making cocktails is far from easy. And, while the posh Bartenders that throw shakers around and juggle lemons make it look like a breeze, the truth is that there is a fine art to mixology.

This is why today, we cover a few cocktail-making fails, ensuring all you amateur mixologists out there know everything there is to know about creating scrumptious cocktails.

Warm drinks

There really is nothing worse than being served a lukewarm cocktail. Your glass could be filled with the finest ingredients and mixed to perfection but of it is not chilled, all the hard work is undone. A great way to chill a drink without watering it down with ice cubes is by shaking ice cubes along with the drink in a shaker then straining them out quickly.

Out of date ingredients

Ever been served a G&T with a soggy or brown bit of lemon? Known for tainting what could have been a yummy drink, gone off fruit is just a no-go. So, if you want to impress with your cocktail remember the golden rule; keep it fresh!

Low-quality spirits

When it comes to spirits, you get what you pay for. So, always use top brands and high-quality spirits. It really does make such a difference to the end result.

Cocktail bar hire

If you are looking to put these cocktail tips into practice then why not hire your own cocktail bar to do so? As a service we have been offering for many years, we are proud to share exquisite bars at commendable rates. For more details and a free quote to consider, get in touch.

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