Cocktail Bars for Home-based Parties

House parties are all the rage of late, with people spending more and more time at their humble abodes. For this reason, big events such as birthday parties, prom parties and in many cases, wedding receptions, are taking place at the family home.

But, when being tasked with planning such an event, the never-ending to-do list will naturally be daunting.

This is why at Cocktail Bar Hire, we enjoy working with such individuals, helping them plan and arrange the all-important bar area.

Offering bar hire services that are second-to-none; our bars look great in any home, able to be tied in to any theme and complement all décor. From glittery mirrored bars and rustic wood bars to bars adorned with graphics, the world really is your oyster when shopping for cocktail bar hire through us.

Serve cocktails at home

If you are looking to really impress the guests entering your home, then serving cocktails is a must. Being the go-to drink category for all important events, serving cocktails turn your average night in to a party to remember.

At Cocktail Bar Hire, we can provide you with the bar, cocktail ingredients, equipment and glassware to ensure you cocktails look and taste incredible. Plus, if you want to hire a professional bartender to look after the bar on the night, we can supply that too.

The advantages to this are huge. From providing your bar with a professional feel to giving the host the freedom to let their hair down and enjoy the party, hiring a bartender is advisable.

Get in touch for a free quote

For further details on the bars we can hire you, the drinks we can serve and the bartenders on offer, contact the Cocktail Bar Hire team as soon as possible. We can then provide you with a tailored bar hire package to suit your needs and budget.

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