Cocktail bar hire trends for 2017   

Having been offering cocktail bar hire for many years, we understand the need to stay at the helm of the party industry, offering fashionable bar designs that serve on-trend drinks. Eager to stay ahead of the game, we have over the past few months noticed some prominent trends, believing the following to play a vital role in the events of 2017.

Going dry – While a cocktail used to make use think of tropical flavours and fruity mixtures, our taste buds have matured, with many modern drinkers now opting for stronger, dryer cocktails with more bitter tastes. Swapping a Cosmopolitan for Prosecco cocktail, this focus is something we have noticed across the board, being asked for dryer drinks for weddings, corporate events and much more.

Generation Gin – Though the Gin and Tonic is a classic combination that has stood the ultimate test of time, we are now getting more and more experimental with gin, enjoying a variety of brands as opposed to the conventional Gordons and Bombay Sapphire. From slow and sparkling gin to flavoured versions and even gin shots, it appears the UK has gone a little gin-mad.

Mocktails – Focused much more on taste than a need to get drunk, we at Cocktail Bar Hire are witnessing a trend in drinkers opting for mocktails, wanting to explore options such as Virgin Daiquiris as opposed to boozy bellinis.

Minimalism – Basic recipes with just a few ingredients are also set to take a front seat at the events of 2017, with bartenders wanting basic and fresh ingredients, less cordial and more fresh limes; all complimented by good quality base spirits.

Salt – If you are an avid cook, you will know that salt is used in pretty much every recipe; including desserts. Used to help suppress tastes that are too bitter, it seems that drinks such as Margaritas and Tequila slammers with salt will fill the bars of 2017.

Bespoke bars – 2017 is the year of customisation. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday or even a corporate do, the need to stamp a unique mark on the event is a must. Whether this is achieved through LED light-up bars, bars with logos featured on the front or a bespoke cocktail made specifically for the big day, we at Cocktail Bar Hire are going to great lengths to ensure our bars stand our for all the right reasons.

Planning an event in 2017?

If you are in the process of arranging an event, then be sure to browse through our range of services. Understanding that every event is unique, we ensure your planning efforts are enhanced with a stunning cocktail bar for your guests to make use of. Contact us today for more details.

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