Cocktail Bar Hire Hacks

Putting on any type of event, whether at home or in a grand hotel, is stressful. With so much to do and organise, that to-do list can quickly get out of hand. This is why at Cocktail Bar Hire, we put a great deal of effort in to make our customers’ lives easier, sharing tips and advice to ensure their events run like clockwork.

With cocktail bar hire playing a key role in many events, we today share a few hacks. These are ways you can ensure your cocktail bar looks the part, performs well and impresses your guests!

Think carefully about the size and shape of your bar

The last thing you want is long lines of customers waiting for drinks at your event; an eventuality that will just get the night off to the wrong start. This is why you need to think carefully about the size and shape of your bar, making sure it can accommodate the number of guests you have coming. So, if you are looking to keep your bar active and your guests served quickly, a bigger, longer bar is a good idea.

Circular bars are also worth looking into, making for a great statement and good-looking piece of décor.

Keep your drinks list small but perfectly formed

There is nothing worse than being inundated with choice, especially when at a bar. Leaving you flustered and often resulting in your ordering the wrong thing, keeping your drinks list small is a good idea.

Hire a bartender

The pressures or running an event are plentiful. This is why roping in the help of a professional bartender is worth consideration. Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, this is a service we can offer, working with a team of bar staff that can mange your bar, keep customers happy and replenish stock when needed. Taking a huge amount of pressure from you, this is a service that both you and your guests will benefit from.

For more information on how to hire a cocktail bar and the costs involved, contact us at the office today.

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