Aldi Launch Chocolate Orange Rum

Here at Cocktail bar hire, we have to get our chocolate fix; whether it’s a sneaky chocolate bar with our afternoon cup of tea, a brownie on a Sunday afternoon,

Drink of the Week: Heavenly Irish Cream and Cinnamon Cocktail

Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we love indulging in our drinks. Forgetting about the calories and enjoying every sip, we love trying new flavours that simply make us go ‘mmm’.

Why You Should Hire a Dry Bar

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The Most Expensive Cities to Enjoy a Pint

From Wetherspoons promising to reduce the price of beer post-Brexit to big brewers trying to dramatically cut their overheads, it appears as a nation, we are all obsessed with the

Tricks Bartenders Use to Get More Tips

For bartenders, the generosity of bar goers in the form of tips makes a huge difference. But how exactly do bartenders make us pay a tip? What subtle tricks do

Harvey Nicholls Launches Pre-mixed Cocktail Range

Pre-mixed cocktails are incredibly popular of late, being convenient, easy to transport and simple to keep nice and cold. Perfect for festivals, house parties and for busy bars that don’t

Vegan Cocktail Bars

While being a vegan is becoming a lot easier, finding food and drink providers that understand veganism is still a struggle. This is why at Cocktail Bar Hire, we are

Marks & Spencer Rename Porn Star Martini Following Backlash

For centuries cocktails have had wonderfully weird and wacky names. From the Sex on the Beach to the Dark & Stormy, the more captivating the name, the more likely we

$5k LG Fridge Makes Craft Ice for Cocktails  

Here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we love nothing more than a cocktail-making gadget, something cool that makes mixing a Mojitos fun and easy.   However, most of these innovative inventions come

5 Types of Cocktail Bars

When thinking of a cocktail bar, you may have a certain image in your mind. However, here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we can offer cocktail bars of all styles, colours