5 Types of Cocktail Bars

When thinking of a cocktail bar, you may have a certain image in your mind. However, here at Cocktail Bar Hire, we can offer cocktail bars of all styles, colours and materials. By doing so, we make sure we can cater to all tastes, preferences and budgets.

So, if you are considering what type of bar to hire, know that we can assist.

Below we have profiled 5 of our top cocktail hire options.

Mirrored cocktail bar

Mirrored bars make a real impact at the venues in which they sit. Making rooms look big whilst complementing the twinkly lights and candles, these types of bars are suited to all sorts of celebratory events.

Circular cocktail bar

Want your cocktail bar to be the centre of attention at your event? If so, you may want to invest in a circular bar; bars that demand the attention of all. Great for limiting waiting time at the bar and ensuring no long queues, circular bars are perfect for large events that involve hundreds of guests.

Tiki cocktail bar

Tiki is a popular party theme that is being honed in on by many. Being very authentic and fun, we are understandably in demand for our tiki bars. These are wood-covered bars that are perfect for more relaxed events.

Chesterfield cocktails bar

This bar is all about the high-end look at feel, good for business events, posh weddings and the likes. Replicating the style of chesterfield furniture, these leather-covered bars are truly special.

All-black cocktail bar

Last, but by no means least, we have the all-black cocktail bar. This is a bar style that is sleek and sophisticated. Great for serving trendy cocktails from, all-black bars can add the cherry on top of any type of event.

Request a quote for cocktail bar hire

For more details about our bars and to request a quote to hire one, get in touch.

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