3 Cocktails to get you in the Festive Spirit

With Christmas fast approaching, we are all starting to get into the festive spirit. From the odd fairylight rearing its head in the neighbours window, to our family asking what we want as a present, it’s hard to ignore from the Christmas fanatics of the world. So, whether you are a Bah Humbug or a Christmas Jumper-wearing-carol-singer, these drinks will be sure to get you in merry mood.

Winter Snowflake

Featuring all of those conventional spices we associate with December; the Winter Snowflake is quintessentially Christmassy. With a pinch of nutmeg and a whole heap of cinnamon, what more could you possible ask for?

To make the recipe you will need;

vanilla vodka
spiced rum
hazelnut liqueur 

Add all ingredients together and shake well, then Walla! You have yourself a Christmas drink!

Mulled Gin Cocktail with Mulled Wine Ice Cubes

Nothing says Christmas like Mulled Wine. However, nothing says ‘Let’s get the party started’ like Gin. This recipe is centred on the fun that Christmas brings, seeing that we get more inventive with our beverages throughout the festive period. To make Mulled Gin Cocktail with Mulled Wine Ice Cubes, you will need to pop to the shop to grab the following:


Caster sugar

To turn these humble ingredients into a yummy, hipster cocktail, follow the below instructions:

In a tall glass, add ice cubes (or mulled wine ice cubes), gin, mulled spice syrup and top up with soda water; yum!

The Brandy Eggnog Cocktail

The Eggnog Cocktail has evolved to become synonymous with Christmas, with our grandparents arguably bringing it to fame. As a timeless classic, the Eggnog has stood the ultimate test of time, with new generation drinkers trying new things with the once-simple cocktail.
For our Eggnog Cocktail you will need:


To create the drunk. mix the eggs, sugar and salt, whisking well. Do this while pouring milk in a slow, steady stream. Turn the heat on low. Wait until the mixture thickens, this could take up to 30 minutes.

Strain mixture through a sieve into a large bowl to remove any cooked bits of egg. After this, add brandy, vanilla extract, and nutmeg and stir. Put the mixture in the fridge for around 4 hours. When ready to serve, pour heavy cream into a bowl and whip until it forms soft peaks. Fold whipped cream into cold custard mixture until combined.

Serve in cold glasses with a touch of grated nutmeg for garnish.

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